Well, primary election night was disappointing. There are several factors which led to the results, but none of them will change the outcome. I started this race with the intent of removing Chuck Weller from the family court bench. He still needs to go. He does not have the judicial temperament for a family court judge. I want to thank those people who have worked this campaign with me. Roddy Casas who has been by my side for 5 years now and without whom I would never have been able to get through the campaign. My son Josh Hope who was with me pounding in rebar and hanging signs as well as walking door to door with Ashleigh Ramming to get the word out. Alex Falconi my web guy who has given me support and did a super job creating Simon Abittan owner of European Fitness center who gave me tremendous exposure and makes sure I stay healthy by working out. Joel Barber a long time friend who took the risk of stepping away from the current administration to support me. Norm Davis and Mark Bonnefant of Peerless cleaners who set up signs and distributed flyers through their business. Don Dees a long time friend and realtor with Dickson Realty who provided contacts to allow me to get my name out to the public. Jesse Haw of Upland Construction who allowed my signs on properties providing excellent exposure. John Marcinko who spent many hours in the hot sun walking door to door to promote me. Ron Mestre who I dragged out of retirement to provide direction and get my name out. Rick Reviglio of Western Nevada Supply who gave me exposure to the construction trades. And John Moor who managed the campaign. There are so many more people who provided support and assistance to my campaign, and I want to thank them all.--John Hope


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